Self Tanner Low Down

Self Tanner Low Down
I have received several questions regarding the self tanner that I use so I figured I would write a post and give you all the low down. I have been searching for the best self tanner since I was probably 16. I was first diagnosed with precancerous skin cells at a very young age, so the sun and I cannot be friends. It is extremely unfortunate, but thanks to self tanner I can still achieve a bronzed glow.

Now that self tanner is becoming more and more popular (which I am LOVING), I have been able to get opinions from those I trust on their favorite products. A few of my friends recently suggested two different kinds of self tanners, so I gave them a try and here’s what I thought:

First you must know that I was hooked on St. Tropez for the longest time. It was my go to product
and I became a Sephora VIB Rouge member just from buying this stuff…that should say enough. The color is a bit too light, so I suggest getting the dark version. It fades with each shower, but it
doesn’t completely wash off like some others I have tried. I also love how the color fades with this product. You don’t look blotchy or streaky which is always one of my biggest fears. However, the smell is just something that I have always hated. It 100% has that “self tanner smell”.

385-1Tarte: The Tarte self tanner is extremely purple when going on. This kind of freaked me out because I felt like it was turning me into a plum. As I let it sit there and dry for a second, the color started to change to more of a brown. On me, the color was darker than St.Tropez, but it didn’t last long at all. The smell was amazing! That is the one thing about this product that I like better than St.Tropez. It washed off fairly quickly, so if you are looking for a long lasting tan this is not the one.

pheno_lotion_dark-1Vita Liberata: This is one of the worst self tanners I have ever tried. I literally bought it with the highest expectations because of the reviews I’ve read and it was a major let down. I am still using it because it was so expensive and I can’t let it sit there and go to waste (so what if I’m green for the week), it was EXPENSIVE. I paid almost $60 for a medium sized bottle, it came with a tiny, tiny mit that you can only fit 3 fingers in. The color goes on extremely green/brown, I literally panicked when I started rubbing it on my leg. I highly suggest you do not buy this product….unless looking dirty is your thing.

I am going to try the Loving Tan and The Fox Tan brands next. I will keep you all posted. I am on the hunt to find the best one by summer time! If not, I guess the smell of St. Tropez is going to have to be my newest scent 😉

I hope this helped!
P.s- If you have a favorite self tanner that you want to suggest please email me!