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This is the first of many wedding planning blog posts! I thought I’d share each step of the way…

Last weekend Brett and I went to a family friend’s wedding, and the entire time  I couldn’t help but think about how much planning, thought, and detail went into a 6 hour evening. It truly is such a big, stressful, fun, exciting, and anxious time and I can’t wait to share my experience with you all each step of the way!

First thing’s first: my bridal party!

This was an emotional piece for me. I think for girls it’s a bit different, but ever since I was little I had thought about who I would have stand next to me on my “big day”. The obvious role was my Maid of Honor- my baby sister. It goes without saying…

Brett has two sisters, a twin and an older sister. That also goes without saying…The rest of my bridal party consists of my 2 very best friends and 2 very close cousins. I wanted to ask each of them personally, and with a gift I knew they would all love and appreciate.

Asking my Maid of Honor (my sister) was an extra emotional task. Aside form the normal gifting essentials, there were a few things I HAD to include in her box. There’s a running joke between us that include several Bridesmaid movie quotes ( cue the card)! I also wanted to make sure I included a photo of us at a young age when I told her she was my “maid” and had to do whatever I said…this went on for several years. The irony of her now being my maid of honor is priceless.

For my bridesmaids boxes, I wanted to make sure there was a touch of personalization as well so they all felt special. See below for links to all of the products I chose to include in my proposal gifts.

Bridesmaid Box: Wine Bottle Stickers –  Hair TiesChocolateBling WipesLotionNail Polish 

Maid of Honor Box: Wine Bottle Sticker (sold out) – Hair TiesChocolateBling Wipes LotionNail PolishCard Picture Frame 

You can find the glossy black boxes I used here (I used the second to largest box size):  BOX

*Side note: I chose to purchase my sister’s entire box from Box Fox to try it out. I loved how it came, and highly recommend them for any gifts you have to give in the future!

Ok, so now for my FLOWER GIRL! Kaiya Hope (Brett’s twin sister’s baby girl). A lot of you have asked where I got her puzzle, so I wanted to include it in this post.  Plan ahead because this cute little wooden gift came all the way from Bulgaria and took about 2 weeks to arrive. It’s a great way to ask your flower girl who is at a younger age and is learning letters and how to spell their name.  You can purchase it HERE.

I hope this helps all of you reading who are in the beginning stages of wedding planning, or soon-to-be!